Tribe Fitness & Dance Studio




These Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements with/and activities at Tribe Fitness Dance. 


With the GOTEAMUP App, online registration and/or payment for a class, terms, course, workshop and/or camp, the Client agrees with the Terms and Conditions of Tribe Fitness Dance. 


Tribe Fitness Dance can change the Terms & Conditions at any time. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions will be announced to Clients in advance via e-mail and modified on our website.


If a Client fails to comply with any of Tribe Fitness Dance’s Terms and Conditions, Tribe reserves the right to refuse service to the client. Please be aware that the intake of alcohol or any mind-altering substance is not permitted at the studio, or before or during any classes, workshop, showcase, or any other event associated with Tribe Fitness Dance. 


The Client must complete the online registration in the GOTEAMUP app truthfully, providing information that is, to the best of their knowledge, accurate and authentic. Tribe Fitness Dance commits to keeping this information strictly confidential. 


Tribe Fitness Dance uses personal data to inform Clients about upcoming changes, class cancellations, events, promotions, and other useful information. Please provide us with a current and active email address in order for us to keep you informed. 


Despite every precaution taken by the studio, accidents and injuries may still occur. By completing the online registration and participating in Tribe Fitness Dance activities, the Client acknowledges and accepts responsibility for their participation in Tribe Fitness Dance activities which could result in possible injury. 


By agreeing with the Terms and Conditions, and by signing our online release form, the Client assumes all risks related to the use of any and all spaces of Tribe Fitness Dance. 


The Client agrees to release Tribe Fitness Dance from any responsibility, including teachers, dancers, staff members, and facilities used by Tribe Fitness Dance from any cause of action, claims or demands now and in the future. 


The Client will not hold Tribe Fitness Dance liable for any personal injury, including but not limited to: scrapes, bruises, cuts, sprains, fractures, broken bones, concussions or death or any personal property damage or loss, which may occur on the premises before, during or after classes. The Tribe Fitness Dance Studio will ensure that a First Aid Kit is available at all times in case of minor emergencies. 


To maintain the safety of all our members, some classes are leveled by skill-set. Tribe Fitness Dance will provide progression and regressions for our members as part of a class, but it is important that the Client adheres to their level for a more efficient and safe class. 


If you have any questions about which class level is best suited to you, please get in touch at:, or ask a Tribe instructor for more details. 


We use the GOTEAMUP app for bookings. The reservation is completed when the payment of the class, term, or course fee has been received by Tribe Fitness Dance. Generally, we run 6-week terms. Drop-ins are available, depending on the class.


The Client is aware that they may be photographed or videoed during classes and workshops. They acknowledge and agree that any/all videos and photographs taken in Tribe Fitness Dance may be published by Tribe Fitness Dance. They acknowledge and release all rights and claims to any/all footage or photographs of their person. 


Videos and photographs are only to be used in a positive way to express our Art/Sport. Students are permitted to film their own material unless otherwise advised by guest instructors. 


If the Client knows of any medical conditions they have that might affect their ability to participate in Tribe Fitness Dance classes, workshops or events, (e.g. heart problems, bone/joint problems, skin allergies to equipment, etc.) they assume responsibility for informing a team member of the Tribe Fitness Dance Studio BEFORE participating in the activity. Please approach a member of our team should you need assistance or extra support. This is so we can operate and educate in the safest, most comfortable way possible.


The Client can participate in scheduled workshops, courses, events and pole camps by enrolling in advance at Tribe Fitness Dance and paying the required fee. Reservations for workshops can be made only through the GOTEAMUP App. Only when payment has been made will the reservation be confirmed. 


If a Client must cancel their registration for a camp, the client is entitled to the following refund: 

If the cancellation has been made more than one month prior to the beginning of camp, the Client may receive a full refund. 

If the cancellation has been made between one month and two weeks prior to the beginning of camp, the Client may receive a 50% refund of the total cost for registration. 

If the cancellation has been made two weeks or less prior to the beginning of camp, the client is entitled to no refund or reimbursement of their registration fees. 


The Client acknowledges and accepts these terms and conditions by booking and providing payment for their camp.