The mission of Tribe is to inspire and empower our community through Pole and Aerial arts. Since 2013, Tribe has welcomed people of all ages and backgrounds, catering to all fitness levels and fostering a passionate, supportive community through performance arts.  


Lisette Krol opened the first Tribe studio in July 2013. Though originally Tribe was located in a small studio in Dublin, Lisette realised that she was creating a space that meant more to her students than just a dance studio. As word spread, soon the Tribe community grew. More people wanted to learn, to train, to connect with themselves and others. Tribe became a second home to many of its members, where an atmosphere of love and support was fostered through performance. 


In other words: ‘All the crazy people got together to get upside down’ 🙂 *


As Tribe grew, a group of talented, innovative and creative souls became part of Tribe’s team of instructors. Their passion is to coach and support Tribe members as they grow their aerial wings and fly, creating a space for exploration that is safe and fun for everybody. 


Tribe continued to grow, and soon, a new paradise had to be found to fit all of Tribe’s members! This is where Tribe is located today as the biggest Pole and Aerial studio in Ireland.


Located in Dublin 3, Tribe comprises three main spaces: The Pole Room, The Aerial Room, and The PT Room.

pole room

In The Pole Room, Tribe offers Pole Dance and Pole Fitness classes. Eleven four-metre chrome poles, developed by X-Pole, have been professionally installed and can alternate between static and spinning modes. We also have two stainless steel pole for those allergic to chrome. There is ample space between all poles for even the longest of legs! 

The Pole Room also has a designated area for our showcase events. This space comprises a rigging point as well as a dance pole over four metres tall. 

The Pole Room is well equipped for all seasons so dancers can be comfortable all year round. With beautiful natural lighting all day long and one wall of floor-to-ceiling mirrors, The Pole Room is an uplifting space to explore and express oneself.


The Aerial Room offers classes of Aerial Hoop. We have ten single-point Aerial hoops rigged on long strops, carabiners, and swivels with ample space between each hoop. We also have kid-size Aerial hoops and double-point hoops. 


The Aerial Room is also used for our stretching, conditioning and handstands classes.

The pt room

The PT Room is a private space where training for individuals or small groups takes place. These sessions comprise handstands, stretching, and pole tricks, flow and transitions. It is a bright and airy room, with a floor-to-ceiling mirror wall and ample space for training.

Our Classes include