Lisette Krol

Lisette Krol is the founder and owner of Tribe Fitness Dance Studio in Dublin, Ireland. Tribe just celebrated 10 years anniversary. What? A Decade of Tribe.

Originally from Venezuela, Lisette has lived in Ireland for almost 20 years. She did not begin her aerial journey from a dancing or gymnastics background ─ she was a competitive swimmer! Lisette began performing in recreational theatre and becoming interested in Circus Arts. Little did she know that it would become her career.

Lisette studied Fitness and Marketing at university and has over 12 years of experience in coaching, sharing with her Tribe her knowledge of pole, aerial hoop, flexibility conditioning, fitness and much more. She believes in diligence, dedication, commitment, developing her expertise and enjoying the journey. 

She is a three-time World Doubles Champion and an Ireland and UK Soloist champion. Her list of competition achievements and international guest appearances are diverse and incredibly impressive. Lisette also took part in Britain’s Got Talent and the Late Late Show with her doubles partner Terri Walsh and Winner in 2021 of the Big Deal Virgin Media TV Show

She is currently one of the cast of Wake the Show from This is Pop Baby. 

Lisette is an international artist and instructor and she is still part of our pole and aerial community, teaching judging and performing around the world.

How Lisette feels about Tribe:

“As a studio owner, there is something really special about Tribe. I wanted to build a place that you can call your second home, a place where you feel welcome, happy and totally addicted to the beauty and art of all things aerial. Tribe is all about that vision.” 

“As an artist, Tribe is a paradise. A place where I can create, dance, fly, and let go…” 

“As an instructor, there are so many special moments we get to witness every day in our studio, in our community. There is a magic in the moment when a student realises their body can create amazing tricks, and a beauty in the cheering and support of fellow members and instructors for each other as they perform. I am thankful that my students have a space where they can feel safe to try something new, to be brave. These are just a few of the special things about Tribe. It’s a space where people come alive and really express themselves. It is a privilege to get to be a part of their journey to empowerment and to feeling truly confident in themselves.”

Awards And Achievements


  • UKPPC Elite Winner and Best Choreography 2014
  • Pole Theatre UK Pole Drama Winner and overall Champion 2014
  • EPDC Elite Champion 2014
  • UKPPC Elite Runner Up 2013
  • Irish Pole Dance & Fitness Champion 2013
  • All Ireland 2012 & 2013 Professional Runner Up


  • IPC Pole Art Champions 2015
  • World Pole Dance and Fitness Champions 2015
  • Worlds Pole Dance & Fitness 3rd Place 2016
  • World Pole Sports Doubles runner up 2015
  • World Pole Sports Doubles Runner Up 2014
  • World Pole Dance and Fitness Doubles Champion
  • 2014 World Pole Sports Doubles Champion 2013


  • Britain’s Got Talent 2014
  • Late Late Show (Ireland) 2014
  • The Big Deal 2021 Winner
  • Culture Night Dublin 2023
  • Dublin Luna Year 2024
  • Wake Theatre 2022 & 2024