Claire Boyd

Hello! My name is Claire Boyd and I’m a primary school teacher who has been training at tribe for the last 4 years.
I train aerial hoop, pole fitness, pole flow and Acro balance. Before I came to tribe I couldn’t even touch my toes, and I was very anxious to start something new. However, it was the best decision I have ever made and it has given so much more confidence in myself, my abilities and my body!
I am passionate about exercising for enjoyment and I strive to ensure my classes focus on fun as well as learning new and interesting tricks.
I’ve been teaching in tribe for about a year and currently have 3 children’s classes and 3 adults classes!
Hope to see you in the studio,

How she feels about Tribe:

“Tribe is a very special place. It really is a safe space for everyone who sets foot in the studio. It is much more than a gym or dance studio, it is homely and often times a focal point of celebrations, birthdays and happy occasions. Most importantly (to me), it’s fun! Adults don’t get to play on swing sets and monkey bars very much and this outlet is sure to bring out your inner child! There are always open invites to post training lunches and coffees. Tribe is where I’ve made so many of my closest friends, and where I met my partner! The friendships built in tribe are made all the stronger by the fun of the classes.”