Katherine White

Katherine has been pole dancing for over a decade and instructing for almost as long. She created her trademark ‘Slow & Slinky’ class many years ago after recognising a gap in the Irish pole dance scene, where there was an opportunity to offer instruction in heels and floorwork. Katherine is highly regarded and well renowned for her mesmerising fluidity of movement, flexibility and sensuous musicality. 


In addition to competing, where Katherine won multiple national titles and qualified at an international level, she has also completed a Level 4 Certificate in Personal Training, is XPert certified and is currently studying to become Floor Flow certified, under the guidance of Marlo Fisken. Katherine has developed a style, a syllabus, and an instruction technique that blends elegance, movement and beautiful lines with simple progressive cuing and choreography. 

Awards And Achievements

Pole Princess Champion 2009

Pole Divas Ireland Champion 2010

The All Ireland Pole Dance Championships Winner 2011

Irish Pole Dance & Fitness Champion 2012

Pole Theatre UK Classique Pro Finalist 2014 and 2016

UKPPC and Miss Pole Dance UK Finalist 2015

Exotic Generation Poland Finalist 2018